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Events 2020

Seminars and Workshops
with the Prometheus Trust

For virtual events which are being run during the Covid-19 restrictions click here.

The Prometheus Trust’s full calendar of events - click here

Monday evening study sessions in London

Wednesday evening study session in Bristol


Study Week in Central Italy

June 4 to 11 June, 2019

on the First Alcibiades
For details click here


The Examined Life - meetings in London



For details of London Monday evening meetings at Cecil Sharp House, click here

Wednesday study and discussion sessions in Bristol

St Pauls with new sign

For details of Wednesday evening sessions at St Puals Learning Centre, 94 Grosvernor Road, Bristol, BS2 8XJ, click here.

The Prometheus Trust

Calendar of public events


All the Trust’s pupblic events are suspened at present, due to the Covid19 emergency: once we are able to return to normal activities we will repost our revised timetable.

Jan 13 - Start of 2020 fortnightly syllabus of Wednesday evening sessions in London
        ongoing until December.

Jan 15 - Start of 2019 fortnightly syllabus of Wednesday evening sessions in Bristol
        ongoing until December.

Jan 21 - Start of 10 week course every Thursday evening in London (Kilburn/West Hampstead) “Essentials of Platonism”

Jan 17-19 Education module weekend (On Dialectic, 1st w/e)

Jan 21 - Start of 10 week course every Tuesday evening in Bristol “Essentials of Platonism”

Feb 28-March 1 - Education module weekend (On Dialectic, 2nd w/e)

Apr 3 - Education module weekend (On Dialectic, 3rd w/e)

Jun 28-30 - Annual Conference

Sep 18-20 - Education module weekend (1st w/e)

Oct 30-Nov 1 - Education module weekend (2nd w/e)

Dec 4-6 - Education module weekend (3rd w/e)