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Warburg Neoplatonic Reading Group

Regular Thursday evening study readings

Suspended during covid19 emergency

Although not formally affiliated with the Prometheus Trust, these reading sessions of neoplatonic texts may well be of interest to Trust supporters. The following invitation was issued by the organizers of the Group in September 2019:

Neoplatonic Studies Seminar In its sixth year the Neoplatonic Studies seminar will focus on the theme of providence, beginning with readings from Plato and then, after a brief glance at Stoic ideas, as represented by Seneca, move on to those of Plotinus, Porphyry and Proclus. The seminar is, as it has been from its inception, open to all – to those who have and do not have ancient Greek, to those well-versed in ancient Neoplatonic philosophy and to those who are not. The only requisite is ‘a desire to know’. Each week the seminar studies a short passage or two in English translation (though those who prefer to read the original Greek are not forbidden from doing so). This year, as interludes to the programme proper, we intend to invite two established Neoplatonic scholars, names to be announced, to lead the seminar on a Neoplatonic topic of their choice.

The seminar takes place in one of the Seminar Rooms of the Warburg Institute (Woburn Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0AB), on Thursdays, 5.30-7.30, more or less throughout the academic year, including vacations and reading weeks. If you are not already a participant and would like to be added to the mailing list or wish to receive further information about the seminar, please contact Daniel Samuel ( The seminar is organized by Sara Miglietti, Tim Addey, Harold Tarrant, Dilwyn Knox and Peter Singer. Daniel Samuel (very kindly) acts as its Secretary.


    • October 10 Plato, Laws, 709a-d; The Republic, X.614-621 (‘The myth of Er’)
    • October 17 Plato, Timaeus, 41d-42e, 46d-e; Phaedrus, 248c-249b
    • October 24 Seneca, On Providence, 1-3
    • October 31 Seneca, On Providence, 4-6
    • November 7 Plotinus, On Fate, III.1.1-4
    • November 14 Plotinus, On Fate, III.1.5-10
    • November 28 Plotinus, On Providence, III.2.1-4
    • December 5 Plotinus, On Providence, III.2.5-9
    • December 12 Plotinus, On Providence, III.2.10-15
    • December 19 Plotinus, On Providence, III.2.16-18
    • January 16 Plotinus, On Providence, III.3.1-4
    • January 23 Plotinus, On Providence, III.3.5-7
    • January 30 Porphyry, On What is in Our Power
    • February 6 Proclus, On Providence, 1-5a
    • February 13 Proclus, On Providence, 5b-14
    • February 20 Invited speaker
    • February 27 Proclus, On Providence, 15-26
    • March 5 Proclus, On Providence, 27-32
    • March 12  Proclus, On Providence, 33-44
    • March 19 Proclus, On Providence, 45-55
    • March 26 Proclus, On Providence, 56-66
    • April 2 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, Preface and qu. 1
    • April 16 No Seminar
    • April 23 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 2
    • April 30 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 3, 9-14
    • May 7 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 3, 15-20
    • May 14 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 4
    • May 21 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 5
    • May 28 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 6
    • June 4 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 7
    • June 11 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 8
    • June 18 Invited speaker
    • June 25 Proclus, Ten Doubts concerning Providence, qu. 9-10